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Our law firm partners practice all aspects of law. They specialize in helping their clients get compensated when they have been wronged in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury events, Mass Torts, Employee Law and much more. Their goal is to get their clients the compensation they deserve when others are at fault.

Our legal partners can also assist with family law, divorce and other personal representation matters.


Have you been injured or developed cancer because of a drug or product? Click here to be connected to a mass tort specialist.


Have you been injured on a job, in a public place or by the negligence of someone. Click here to be connected to a personal injury specialist.


Has your company done something illegal? Were you fired without cause or harassed? Click here to connect to an employee law specialist.


Do you want a divorce or need legal help with a family law matter? Click here to connect to a family law specialist


Do you need to file bankruptcy for yourself or your company? Click here to be connected to a bankruptcy specialist.

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Select the area of law you need assistance with and click on the link. In the open page you will need to complete a brief qualification assessment to determine if you meet the qualification. Once you successfully complete the assessment we will connect you to a legal specialist that will give you a free consultation to help you determine the optimal path forward based on your specific needs. One of our legal specialist will contact you or you may contact a specialist directly with the number you will be provided at the end of the assessment.

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